I’m keen to keep my business and processes as sustainable as possible, and these are the efforts I am currently making to ensure your wedding doesn’t impact the environment in a harmful way. I always love to hear of more ways to make my business and life more friendly to the environment, so please get in touch if you’ve any other ideas I should add in!

I use British suppliers wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint whilst also supporting local economy. Folio Albums take great pains to ensure their products and processes are eco friendly and my professional printing lab DSCL are practically on my doorstep.

I reuse and recycle waste paper, am careful to keep my consumption to a minimum and choose FSC certified recycled paper for stationery. Most correspondence is via email. I use wooden USBs and boxes to deliver your wedding photos. These are made by a UK company and are wrapped in recycled or recyclable packaging and paper tape.


My website is hosted by a green web hosting company that offset their carbon footprint, meaning they are able to support sustainable clean energy projects all over the world.

My studio is based from my home. This means I don’t have the additional lighting, heating or commuting concerns that come with a separate studio.

I do most of my client meetings via Zoom which makes things convenient and easy for you as well as avoiding travelling. If you can get yourself into central Bradford though, we may be able to meet up for a cheeky coffee/cake.

I am careful to buy second hand equipment when possible (from reputable suppliers who can guarantee quality) and resist the temptation to buy all the latest gadgets, thus reducing unnecessary production and wastage. I use rechargeable batteries.