I’ve been shooting couples-in-love for over ten years. I still get a buzz off the celebrations, and making pictures that will remind you of the joy of your wedding and your love for each other.

When I’m not at a wedding, I’m probably working on branding and layout projects at my graphic design job, photographing small businesses/charities or working on documentary projects on social issues.

Yorkshire is home for me and my husband, Luke – having recently moved from Manchester so we could build community here around our church of St Stephen’s in West Bowling, Bradford. I have a thing for slick typography, beautifully printed magazines and handmade paper. I love art galleries, ceilidhs, sweet soul music, board games and cats.

My soul comes alive by the sea – I lived in Shetland for a bit and the islands got stuck in my heart. I love the wildness and windswept beaches, the way the light changes constantly, the expanse and the sand between my toes. I wish I was good at surfing but I love going even though I am terrible at it!


I’ve got a big thing about body positivity. It really hurts me to hear people (it’s especially women) saying the most horrific things about themselves, their bodies and their faces. As a woman, I get it; the expectations placed on us by society are ludicrous. But as a photographer, I hear this self-hatred way too often and wish people would see what I did! I’m a beauty-seeker by nature so if I take a picture of you, it’s because you look beautiful. Get comfortable with feeling gorgeous and know that, around me, you always have permission to like your own face!

Finally, for any other personality-test geeks out there: I’m an INFP, and a 9 on the Enneagram.

The lovely photo of Luke and I on our wedding day was taken by Rachael Silvester


If you’re looking for wedding photography with a strong documentary approach, I’m the woman for you!

You want natural, unforced moments; pictures of your guests erupting with laughter and to see the look of love in your partner’s eyes.

You don’t want a photographer taking over, telling you which way to look and interfering with the natural ebb and flow (i.e. if you’re after lots of posed pictures and group shots, we’re probably not a good fit!).

With an MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, I love people-watching, so working in this journalistic style comes naturally. I get chatting to your guests and usually get plenty of comments afterwards that people either didn’t notice me, or didn’t mind me photographing because it didn’t feel intrusive.

For the majority of the day, I will simply photograph whatever you have planned. The exception to this would be a short portrait session in beautiful light (can also double as a chance for a little time away from the crowds). Nobody wants to stand in a line-up bearing cheesy smiles for an hour, but if a few family group photos would be valuable for you, I can recommend which and help keep this short and snappy.

Any details like the dress or flowers that are particularly important to you, I will be sure to photograph artistically and in context so the pictures have real personal significance.